What People Are Saying...

Dear Eric, Stacey, Amy, Rudy, Noah, Chris and Elaine,


Where do we begin to let you know how thrilled we are with our new home? Not just the finished product, but with the entire building experience from contract to close and everywhere in between. 


As you all know, we had many reservations  associated with building, mostly based on past experience and our having high expectations with both process and product. However we were immediately set at ease with Crosstown's approach and commitment to deliver a quality customer experience.


The team's responsiveness was amazing and Eric and Rudy's availability was second to none, allowing us to be involved as little or as much as we wanted. Your approach was based on our expectations and not yours - absolutely vital to customer satisfaction. Having such direct face-time with the homeowner unequivocally sets you apart from the competition.


Amy's professionalism and thoroughness as she coordinated every aspect of the construction process ensured a nearly flawless build in the end. 


Your reputation among builders in this area was made clear by Crosstown's ability to attract such quality sub-contractors. All of them commented on your legacy of thorough and timely projects and that you could "take Eric and Rudy to the bank".


Thanks to the Crosstown and Howard Hanna teams for your contribution to our amazing home. It truly felt as though it were built by family!



Rick and Debra