1. Design Your Home 

The best and most important aspect of building a Custom Home, is that the buyer has input in every phase of the building process.  This allows the builder to tailor the home specifically to the client's needs and desires.  The chances of finding the exact house you are looking for already built and on the market are very slim.  Renovations can be a tricky process and very expensive. Considering how long it takes to find and price materials as well as the time it takes to find a reputable contractor... your time is worth something and things adds up quickly. 

2. Latest Trends 

               & Floor Plans

Your home surroundings says a lot about your character and the things that are important to you.  Perhaps you are hip and up-to-date with all of the latest home trends and gadgets.  Building a Custom Home means that you get exactly what you want, exactly where you want it.  You can move walls, doors, closets...anything you wish to make it your own work of art.  Sometimes, creating that perfect space for your work of art is all you need.  We can make that happen.  

3. Build to Your                      Specifications

Families come in all different shapes and sizes.  New home builds are not just for newlyweds starting to grow their family.  Building a Custom home lets you choose the trends and floor plans that will best suit your needs.   Have you found the floor plan that you love, but need a larger living room or kitchen?  Need one more bedroom? We can help shape an almost perfect floor plan to absolutely amazing Custom Home for you.  

4. Low Maintenance

We tend to work longer hours, have less time at home, let alone spare time to give our children.  A brand new custom home means that all you have to do is move in and get settled.  The materials that we use are of the highest quality.  30 Year Limited Lifetime Warranties on roofing,  vinyl siding, trex decking.  We aim for the least amount of exterior maintenance and little or no interior maintenance for at least 10 years.  No more staining your deck or painting your shutters.  

5. Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient is "using less energy to provide the same service."  What does this mean for you in a New Custom Built Home?  It means you are spending less money to get the same energy services.  New appliances, new hot water heater, tankless water heaters, energy efficient furnace, better insulation, exterior windows that are double pane low E argon products all mean less spending with the same energy levels.  

6. Tax Breaks

A warm, cozy, beautiful home is not the only benefit to building Custom.  There are excellent Tax Breaks and Special Refunds that are available to you.  Ask a real estate specialist, mortgage provider or an accountant to help you understand what is available and what your options are.